We specialize in handling the details so you don’t have to! At Corallay, we support the core of your organization, so that you can focus on the things that only you can do. Reach out today and see how we can help tackle the chaos and bring relief to your business. Corallay - taking the burden out of business!


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Gage is the kind of person who loves filling out forms and building spreadsheets. It's who she is. So, when the opportunity came to forge her way as a virtual assistant and build a team of rockstars she jumped at the chance and never looked back. 

Our clients often come to us stressed and overwhelmed by the details of running a business or nonprofit. The little tasks can become so time-consuming that you’re unable to focus on the things that really matter.

With our support, we’ve constantly been told how much lighter, less stressed and unburdened they feel. Thus, Corallay was born.

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We handle the details so you don’t have to!





Do you need help getting more organized, establishing good systems, getting your inbox working efficiently, or your digital filing organized? We create easy to use systems and teach you how to maintain them. 


A full service administrative assistant can help to tackle the daily tasks of running your business. We can manage inboxes, calendars, travel arrangements, invoicing, HR processes, project management, and much more!

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- Amy Persons, Senior Pastor
Point Washington United Methodist Church

"In over 20+ years of being a lead pastor, Gage is the most capable, creative, driven, intuitive administrative professional with whom I have worked. Gage knew what I needed before I knew what I needed. She is self-motivated and proactive. She excels in clear and concise communication (written and verbal), in critical thinking skills, in her passion to support executive leadership, and in her desire to be part of the team. I trusted Gage with every aspect of supporting me and my work in ministry."

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- Tom Weis, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer Altimeter Design Group, TedX Speaker

"When my co-founder suggested we hire a remote administrative assistant I was a little hesitant. Our team is spread across several time zones so I understood that this would work, yet I also had years of working experience with everyone else in our company. It didn't take long to be convinced that hiring Gage was not only an incredibly smart move, but today I could hardly imagine us without her. Gage is professional, incredibly organized, and mindful of details that I often overlook. She has quickly become an important hub for information, planning, and even advice. If you are considering a remote assistant, Gage makes a great addition to your team."

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- Michael Rogalski, Senior Pastor
LifePoint Wesleyan Church

"Since leadership can be complex and overwhelming, it’s easy to get stuck. From inbox management to system implementation to discerning what decisions must be made, Gage does a masterful job of sifting through clutter to bring new clarity. Not only is she professional, proactive, and thorough, but she approaches both people and problems with grace and wisdom. Her attention to detail, commitment to character, and passion for efficiency have made our organization stronger, healthier, and much more nimble at accomplishing our mission. She is a rare find and a wonderful gift!"

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Corallay - taking the burden out of business!

Corallay - taking the burden out of business!